Friday, September 24, 2010

The green eyed boy

Filled up with all the exhaustion, there he laid under the big blue umbrella thinking about what all could have left in this life. His smoked up lips described the story of his teenage and not teary but still wet eyes of his childhood. Million of thoughts trespassed his lonely vain hopes and desires and they kept on molesting him...The thoughts of sadness, embarrassment, and guilt.  His beard already had gone grey. He didn't even know when he grew so old? As he touched the sockets of his eyes, there were signs of big craters like formed in mines after being blown by dynamites.

He felt like moving out and again escaping from the scavengers of past in the noise and dust of city. Suddenly his eyes got stuck on a lil kid. His eyes were green and bright as sunshine. His smile was like a rainbow stretched across the mountains after downpour. His face had the soul of white pigeon hovering up above all of us mocking at worries. That sweetest gift of love stood on his toes there glancing at world and dancing on some unknown number which nobody could listen to. Dangling his foot in air, he ran towards the moving car. Not knowing what it could do but it was just big and red thing for him.

The man hardly had any thoughts as he flung in air, a desperate and suicide attempt to save that angel. How could he. For a minute even the air stopped blowing. There was light flashing into his eyes as he opened them. There were people all around him like flocks of migratory birds. A thought came into his mind of being dead and present in some other dimension. Moments passed and he felt something over his chest. He again saw those green bright eyes that he fell in love with. Now he knew it. The mother’s eyes were teary like the melting iceberg  and boy responded the same manner. She hugged her child so tightly as if she would never separate him even for an inch.

Suddenly the old looking man felt so alive in his own body. Was it the touch of that little boy’s soul or the sense of being alive he wasn’t sure. It felt as if his existence now has a meaning. There was adrenaline pumping in his body like never did. He could feel every single inhale and exhale. Where was this feeling before? He thought... He didn’t have any answers. He just ran toward the boy, picked him up and gave a peck on his shiny red cheeks. Life now suddenly seemed full of life.

We have infinite moments to live but only few moments of realization. Realization of what makes our life so unique and alluring. We all constantly try to find meaning in our lives not realizing that it’s not within us but everywhere around us.

Keep on, persevere, until the day breaks, and the shadows flee away

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