Monday, September 20, 2010

Life in a Delhi Metro

moth and rust do not consume, and where thieves do not break through and steal

Technical snarl, people rush buzzing like beehive, an elderly lady screaming on top of her lungs, people worrying as if it’s supposed to be her last words. The reason not because they care but the consequences what if they got late..

When Metro started operating, people believed that their troubles have come to an end but still I see those drooping worry faces, wet pants every single morning including myself. Earlier people walked, there were cycles, buses. There were jams, road blocks because of some VIP convoy, beating and scuffles on the roads..something or the other..the reasons to be late. 

It has become my daily routine of getting into Metro and plugging my ears with music. I really hate those days when I forget Earplugs/ my saviour at home. At first it all seems like listening to distant voices which in a matter of seconds become cacophony. There are aunties who would talk about household chores and how they made an a** out of their husbands. Snobs showing off their flashy clothes that could give a complex to poor Neon, but can’t improvise on Ack- Saant. Some pseudo with newspapers, novels or plugs trying to levitate into Thin Air. 

It’s not been a single morning when I observed Sanity around myself. It’s always like Bulls in the mating season. You can smell it in air. There are incidents like guys harassing girls ( their version) even if a guy’s finger comes close to being micrometre while balancing on one foot and other dangling in air due to the fact that there is only tiny patch of air left to adjust. I could see this going further to” Attempt to rape charge.” 

But then there are times when I have seen people helping each other, offering place to sit, vague discussions on politics, sports not caring about the regional and religion barriers, a south Indian uncle enjoying Bhojpuri song on loudspeaker though illegal. "Turning on and off day and night, life’s like black and white and yes there are a lot grey areas".

I wish like going to north some place with my headphones singing “Cowboy baby” 

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