Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Words creating world around us, world of imagination, world of human emotions. Words so simple yet so complicated when expressed. I wonder seeing small tots trying to grasp every single word we speak and imbibe it without even knowing the real meaning and how it's being realized with the passage of time.
Every word is so distinct with several meanings in different contexts. We can use in so many places and it all makes sense. It all falls into place just like a Jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes there are mergers and newly evolved words are formed.

Words are like adventure. It starts like an amateur totally fresh on the learning curve but as we move closer to the summit, they sharpen up like a chisel cutting through naked human minds. I remember the first time in life when I wrote poem for my girlfriend, so raw and innocent. Wonder started to blind me afterward and take me dreamland.

It was like an open invitation to some bar where they serve unlimited dreams and wishes. Words take us closer to the realization of a feeling whether stimulated or for real. For me the charmer/ perfectionist are the one who love words, adore, and play with them carelessly and carefully. But one must always be ready for improvisation.

Whatever we speak is closely knitted words just like a sweater where every fold is not distinct but has its own significance and in the end it all sums up to be a part of entirely different creation.

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