Friday, June 17, 2011

The diary of a glib croaker

Nobody knows what happen, when me melt under the influence of that yellow burning star. Though I am not able to see the blue zone of it, but I can gaze inside of my heart and it just vaporizes. I see up above to the clouds in the night, every night and the moon pleases me with its mild light. I could see some clouds gathering and forming several nimbi around moon. Though they try to darken the moon, but it still hasn’t succumb to their plead. We wait for mild drops thundering into the earth, which then becomes our own pool. We males have to acquire our rights over our territory so that we can have as many females to impregnate, and then we respire just to bring new lives into this planet. I sometimes think our community should get some sort of Nobel Prize for it, and if not that then a pool which has permanent rights to all waters of the earth. One of our games includes all males singing together in chorus, and we produce croaking sound. The females, who are otherwise very shy, love it and often come to visit us in open and then we sing together in unison.

In summers we hide ourselves in the burrow, where some of my clan participate in dancing naked around each other, but then we are always naked. The whole world is unaware of it and it’s good that we have been camouflaging this habit of ours. This will go further in generations, I hope. We have got a rough skin which he can adapt to changing weathers. We have consummated to every level of living, I think sometimes. Some of us even have poison glands in our bodies and we repel other organisms/ predators by our smell. But I am not one amongst them. I have to constantly look for those long, laterally undulating, without limb species that are always playing around our burrows. My mother had told me once they have darting tongue and if it touches, it can kill. I remember once when I was a little kid, I had seen one of those species swallowing my distant relatives. These relatives are little different from us, they have green epidermis and are slimy in touch. We don’t speak to them much as they aren’t as strong as we are and besides they don’t come out as often as we do. This time of the year is very tough for whole of our community. We sleep in the day time and come out in night searching for food. In the day time we just sleep and think about clouds which are filled with our underneath hopes and desires.

Then as this night has come and as moon shifted into a new phase forming a sharp crescent, I feel some chill in wind that is blowing over my head. I can also see clouds gathering, and then now they are playing with each other forming circles. This game is going to lead into a brawl and their gods will use lightning weapons to disperse them. But they won’t, I know because of stubborn nature. I am at least happy for this peculiar adamancy for it brings water to our parched, cracked souls. We shall wait, yes we will. 

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