Saturday, June 25, 2011

Metamorphos - ed

It fascinates me to think how could I have the strength to overcome the excruciating torture of hanging glued to a leaf. I think that pale green structure was my birth canal. But then I do not recall anything of that moment. All I can extract is walking on my nine pair of legs and since then my life has been on cloud nine.

I remember very clearly seeing my inmates for the first time and I found a very close kinship. Whether it was the signals coming out of antennae or our close resemblance with each other or our vulnerability, I do not know. We would slide on our guts for long distances from one branch to the other and we would get so hungry that we would eat many of those. We would jump atop those like vultures on dead corpse. Slowly we had made a nice uniform group and we would call it “The tug of war” group as we always end up snatching pieces from each other mouths. I remember my teeth were so sharp that my friends used to call me “Sharpener”.

There were days when we would eclipse under the leaves or inside of bark as there was no way we could be as fast as those big, brown spotted, large winged, converge beaked monsters. They would spot us from great distances with their binocular eyes and would pick us up so meticulously that their job was done in the matter of few seconds. When I used to watch them, I felt jealousy rather than hatred. I was overawed by the shape of their wings and patterns on it. I could see it in my group’s behaviour that they didn’t like this part of me. My two centimetre longer friend once told me to keep my mind as well as my body at some distance from these monsters, however I would just gaze at their flight for hours from corners hiding beneath the leaves all the time and my heart leapt every single time they ascended. Since then this idea has been incepted in my tiny brain. I thought maybe one day I could glide like them. Nevertheless I became some part of them.

Once it arrived, I looked beneath my tummy and I could feel veins emerging from the inside and I couldn’t sleep for the whole night. I had dreams of me playing on branches and being taken away by those monsters in their strong claws. They would tear my body and eat my head made of white pulp. After many sleepless nights, I became so tired and vulnerable that my chitinous walls started to dissolve.  I felt a wave of cold and lonesome so I started building a nest. Neither I had the sufficient time nor the necessary skills, so I would drool for long periods and it formed a hard protective layer outside of my body. I thought if I had created a grave for myself, if the time has come to say goodbye. I couldn’t find my parents or friends. So I slept, slept very well indeed. 

I am bigger now. I have greater strength to overcome hurdles. My otherwise long, slender and slimy body has transformed into dry, proportionate and beautiful. Most importantly now I do not have any fear of those hideous monsters because even I can fly. I can visit those big yellow flowers in the daytime and can have all of their juices. I am what I always aspired, I am what everyone desire. I do miss my long innocent struggle with life and I do want my folks but somehow I feel they are around, maybe as free as I am.

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