Thursday, June 9, 2011

One of us

Yes, they can see me; yeah they are hiding in the green yellow grass which can easily surpass the limit of their height.  It can easily cover their naked bodies. But they don’t have to cover, why at all they cover when they can change colours. So now is the strands of grass moving or is it the tail? Though I am running and enjoying the cool air on my face, I should control over my speed as I might crush them under my mighty feet.  I can see it in the mud now, its head, I can’t miss it, Orange coloured with all the carotenoids, it’s what happens to them in mating season. So are they trying to impress me? Why do they wait for me every morning on the sides of running track? Could they be females? No, but females are the ones least bothered about this game. They just wait for an excellent opportunity to click and then they don’t even have to grab it. In kingdom Animalia, only males exhibit several distinct patterns like Peacock by their feathers, Insects by their size, and male lions by their hair pattern. But then again why would males try to come in my way? Are they gay or is it normal in their world? 

Though I am running briskly now but I have my vigil eyes scanning track, left, right, left, right in the middle, below my feet. I feel in a way blessed that they don’t have wings. Although there are some species that can glide in air but are only known to live in rain forests. So I am quite safe that I don’t have to look upwards while running or I might land my head on someone. I also observe those birds like greyish brown looking for food, I think in the grass.  I sense they are looking for orange headed monsters. I feel a sense of joy and wish that the birds should tear and eat them.  Also I become little worried too afterwards. Am I also attracted to them, Am I secretly in love with them?
There it comes again, passed near my feet. Did it freak up? Why now looking at me with such curiosity. Do they think about mating when they see me?  Many a times when I am running in shorts, I feel they would get an entry inside of my shorts and would bite me up in the groin. When I have crossed few of them, I have my eyes fixated on the moving shadows and I try to find them running after me.

Then there are days when I don’t see those creatures, days of pitter patter. The clouds repulse them, I guess. They only come out when it’s warm enough to bask in sun. On a rainy day, they wouldn’t just come out. While I enjoy the weather and fill my lungs with all the freshness in air, I also miss their presence around myself. I miss their orange faces, their erect spikes, their darting tongue, their waving tail and mostly their changing colours. On a bright and sunny day, I feel happier and a little afraid too as I might bump into them. 

I even have sleepless nights sometimes and I think about getting up some morning and wouldn’t be able to switch off the fan or drink that glass of water which is kept over the table. My hands have suddenly become my legs and I am crawling and now I keep a desire inside to run off to the fields and join my homies. Maybe that’s what it is all about. I am one of these orange headed, spiked, tail waving, colour changing Calotes. Maybe that’s why they look at me with such inviting eyes and that level of curiosity, love, and lust. Whatever it is, I know it is only for me and no one else.

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