Monday, June 6, 2011

The silent whispers of mountain goddess

Once where footsteps dangled with joy over the pine leaves
once where green ravines slushed with melted snowcaps
lays there now silent whispers of mountain goddess. 
Slowly she spreads the sound of colour 
and rainbow stretches across the horizon.

Children faces gleam in the rays of sun as it sifts through cedars 
and lover' s eyes meet by the orange sky
while the meadows sing the bee songs
boats glide on top of streams.

As the night engulfs every single ray of light...

leaves turn pale yellow and the meadows became snowfields
Chirping was perished to distant screech and boats suffocated to river beds.
The fishes murmured, 
“The ghastly winds came from the northern woods where some men lit up the sky
they are coming to find us and then they will bury us alive”

Mountain goddess whispered again, 
“Just as the night covers the valley in its robe and the next morning light grasp it back
you must look at these snowfields and we will be set free when ice over it would start melting.”

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