Friday, June 3, 2011

Virtuality Continuum

How far have we reached in this rat race of Virtuality continuum that now even the friends that we must’ve are in the form of gadgets, video games, profiles, chats and blogs. We are looped in an ecosystem which is facile and works at the reach of a single click. The area between reality and virtuality is shrinking and we are entering a zone where virtual is also real, figuratively because it can create changes the way any other possible real life can by its presence. It is shifting the whole global economy; in fact it’s now whirling around Technology.

Once you had to go to local shop to buy groceries, now you can just click and get the delivery. Same for clothes, electronics, basically everything. We are living in a world which is slowly moving towards least possible human interaction. What all communication is left is between two machines.  We have made robots that could speak human languages, interpret them, with the same voices we speak and feed on human behaviour, whereas we are drifting apart because we would never have to use it as machines would do all their talking in digitized codes. The buck stops at o’s and 1’s.

But is it worth being digital to this extent, that’s the question. There are people who feel this era would lead to less human interaction, lesser arguments, least errors and most productivity. Machines wouldn’t understand the human psyche, all it understands is logic/ illogic, yes/ No. So the decisions would be based on facts and figures and the results faster, accurate and high revenue based. But would this not also end how we loved to speak. I mean one thing that we need constantly is to socialize, not that I am saying that you can’t do it at Micro blogging sites like Facebook, Orkut, Hi5, but how far, to which extent would it actually grow. We are already spending more time at this than with our homies. What I foresee is that we could end up being super geeks with big glasses.

But has this technology not enabled some of us who couldn’t go out because they are recluse or had some form of disability, to take advantage of this platform to socialize, to be a little heroic in this mean world that they think it is. Hasn’t this facilitated us to get the medical reports and diagnosis faster, saving so many lives? Most importantly hasn’t it given all Homo sapiens on both sides of the world a flat platform where all can stand together, exchange vows, interact, work and closely monitor situations globally? We all are equipped with equal number of resources to perform.  I think that’s what is called globalization. Now it’s only a matter of how efficient you actually are. Now the third world countries are on revolutionary road. 

But the question still hangs above my head, “To what extent?”

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