Monday, July 18, 2011

My one perfect moment

A solitude is the audience-chamber of God. 
Walter Savage Landor 
Courtesy: Google

So I had couple of extra beers that took my mind off the hook and as I sat on my plastic chair with my legs all wide open making a V, if seen from my eyes, I lit a cigarette and saw smoke rings coming out of my circular shaped lips, perfectly symmetrical in my eyes. The smoke rings would just vanish every single time I shuttered and unshuttered my eyes.

So I thought, rather believed in loops of my mind, of this moment as 1 perfect moment that I would wish to capture and if at all is feasible then do it every day, but that would destroy the whole purpose coz it would then be usual. So I tried capturing it with my camera. I made several hundred attempts before relinquishing under the dearth of complete failure.

So I sped up few neurons to think about an ideal situation before closing the doors of this perfect day on my face. I literally split up my eyes into multiple eyes like that of insects and watched every lost fraction of passing seconds. I then closed my eyes.

It feels as if I have inscribed that moment of solitude, the moment of consummation. It is there inside of me like my own sun bringing me light, keeping me warm, giving me the strength every time I need it. Most important of all it’s going to be there, be there for a long-long time.

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