Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Star Wars Hangover

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There is this thing about hangovers, be it any sort, you are likely to bound to the same images, creatures, situations for a long time. I get to see all sorts of hangovers in a week, be it Booze, girlfriend, work and the list goes on. But movie hangovers are very unique. You sometime get so bitten by the bug that you sort of start living it in real life. For a quite while it’s good few times. Let’s say coz you are romantic after watching a rom- com and you make a nice package out of your feelings (known as cute) and deliver it in front of her eyes.
I recently watched Star Wars, first trilogy and then prequel trilogy. The movie is great, no doubt. I sort of glued to my laptop as my mind was busy imbibing phrases, plot and characters. Even after watching any part I would do a detailed analysis of what I would watch. Even in dreams I see vague images, different landforms. While running or exercising I would do extra so as to prove my mind that even I have the force. I realized a little later that it might be the longest hangovers I have had. So this way I would think about numerous possibilities of our association.

There are so many theories of how life came into earth and how humans developed across centuries. I understand theories of natural selection, genetic drift/ hitchhiking, or mutation but somehow I do not follow how only we split up from the lineage and became homo sapiens. Apes, Gibbons, Chimpanzees are all there still in their very form but I feel human evolution secret is still lying in the labyrinthine black hole of some dead star.  But what if this planet earth that we know today was only a Wookiees (Apes) planet like Kashyyyk in Attack of the clones. There would have been far superior civilization living in far away galaxies. There was galactic republic where different planet representatives would meet and discuss their trade related problems, like WTO, NATO of current. May be even there were Jedi warriors who could use mind to train objects and use the force of nature. There were people who wanted to break the republic and turn it into an empire where there were rulers. Like ways we have seen many wars including world war where millions of us were killed in order to satisfy egos of hungry minds. So there was war between the separatists and monarch. Planets were being captured and rebel warriors being forced to escape, save their women and children and make armies.

Once their ship landed on earth which was thousands parsec away from warzone. What they saw here were Apes and dense jungles. With no sign of any modern warfare, they decided to train these Wookiees so as to defend themselves. They knew Apes would be easier to tame and train as they have better minds than other creatures. Here they created forces and left on ships to fight. Only a handful of people were left behind on earth. There they fought and returned back. Somehow empire got to know of this secret and sent bounty hunters to kill them. The biggest of war on earth with the kind of weapons that we can’t even think of and both sides were killed. Only handful of Apes and human babies survived as they were protected inside underground chambers. With all technology lost and no way to replicate it, apes too started their lives in the very raw form and raised those human babies. That’s how humans survived, reproduced and propagated throughout earth.

So there might still be the good/ dark part of force budding somewhere in this mighty universe or who knows they all have fallen prey to their egos. I was also thinking if out of all the babies survived, there was jedi line. Who knows if we have some jedi warriors amongst us? So for whoever it is “May the force be with you”

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