Friday, October 28, 2011


Friends...for some mornings to bloom
and some nights to
make you crawl to bed
Some like wall lizard
always there transfixed muted...looking over you
Some like hedgehog
doomed to stay and vaunted
got monosyllables over my tongue
few captivated laughs 
inside my shoe box
had a smiling innocence once
which drained with passing rounds
hey you, in the hushed tone... behind my ears
where I... can feel a cipher melody
races, we are not going to win
first we’d better finish it
Roll up the sleeves, take the shovel
lets dig it....crack it man
how lunatic... is this moon and its night
eclipsed in colours of 
some distant star’s light
together on  the highway of galaxies
they don’t feel lonely now anymore
just like... you and I
mannequins we are
as hollow as our heart... that makes us
clothed in our own inhibitions
is there a rhyme for all the mood swings
who cares about the... midnight agony
when it also comes after a day long
friend as we
perched up this mountain...
as river sound fills
our parched lips with craving... sense of ecstasy
and as low as you can look
there is all green lives... and white ghosts
so we make a promise
be so vague, be so for a while
just near the next block...
when you see a hope.. .fading
under the spell of some black hole
fill it with twinkle in your eyes
hold it tight in the crinkle... of your hands

promise you would plant it in your garden grass
promise it wouldn’t slay...


  1. A poem to relish for every nature enthusiast!!!
    Nicely written lines.....