Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Something of Employers

As for all workers, like I am...
were there the mornings?
watched meandering Aves did I?
couldn't see oranges of evenings
or the long falling shadows of night

For sure there was... a hollow wisdom
the frail but fake looking 
suns gleamed surely forever
the preaching occasionally...
became self levitating lessons

There rests a soul in you, dead though
that can only mimic 
the momentum of 
this corporate jungle
might as well kill 
that mockingbird, I
targets would still 
be surprised, an art of you
the mask of darned lies
wish would drain in volcanic rain

I  say I quit
I quit and say
do what to live
to live to fill
to fill the life
the life of small
and big o all
free to learn
to fly and see
the clouds of joy
and prancing woods
they lay in you
in and out of you.


  1. yeah yeah...Employers you see, you have seen em' ol

  2. You said what we all wanna say...Lovely poem...Last paragraph sounds more like a song...:)

    Try singing it!

  3. Ah tanx saru...I actually wrote it lika song to give this poem, myself and readers a little hope that exists after all :)