Thursday, January 5, 2012

Break–ing down

Break up, a very common word nowadays in our day to day life which could have its utility in many situations, is really not that seriously taken. I broke up, she dumped me, what the hell, I have moved on is all series of casual, meaningless and insensitive words. Why do people split? Why even after long loving relationships withstanding the test of time, people suddenly get bored, uninterested and crazy to the extent of loathing the once better half?

 I tried working on this love –hate equation observing people sitting on park benches, people in cafeterias,   people with their glasses on and with moist eyes and nose. I could never figure out anything. Then I had to take the worst path, not that I wanted it or threw myself into the deepest oceans of unfathomable...But there it was, right in front of me, mocking me, grinning at the long forgotten 6 years of bittersweet rhapsodies. My relationship ended. The crevasses of the impact could very well be seen in the poker face o mine. Just like that it is over. It is...but who, who did it?  It was I who slowly suffocated my relationship to death, but it’s again I who is suffered and who is the rocky beach in this time of high tide. A relationship is like having your regular pack of drugs which once you have it, can’t live without it. Not that I am trying to dehumanize the feeling but quite frankly I am not at that stage where I can afford to have subliminal thoughts brimming out.

There are several reasons why people separate. One of the basic reasons is the failing levels of understanding. It could be due to physical or emotional gap. Again I feel it’s a curse that you wait for at the end of that tunnel, you know somewhere its presence in subconscious as every day passes by. How many things could you actually do together? We all think about re igniting that passion, but it doesn’t work. Are we some animals? I mean is monogamy unnatural? Is that the only reason why people would get bored and stop communicating?

It’s being seen and perceived by me and others that it’s normal for men to feel bored and distant after a long committed relationship. It’s there in our psyche; it’s a shadow that goes on with us. Exceptions are there, part of this living world. I am a believer of existentialism; it’s up to us to make something out of this life. Do we really fall short of words to describe what we feel and act? No it’s too physical proximity that spoils it, but even long distance doesn’t help. Some say giving some personal space helps but even then people get into extra affairs. So it’s all blanks out in front of my eyes.

In the end it’s hard to analyse why some break, some stay. I can only say whatever the cause is, however it goes, it should be progressive.

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