Tuesday, January 24, 2012

my heavily sedated love

Naked are my suns
that lay there in front of your porch
sweating they are
in frozen winters at your door

Some whisked are whiskeys in jar
for they create no joy or gloom
and merely seek shame
that could just confound
the unrelenting realms 
of this heavily misguided heart

More and more, and it’s very often
when my eyes fall on many images
of you running through my head
they seek no light, but thirsty they are
for the blood of your lips

why you, why so callous
perched high horse, you peach smelling lady
I beseech to be your inseparable part
And to be lost and found inside of you

Rest is star spangled sky 
of this lonely night
That conjures and makes promises
of love and dreams

This heart beats like
the tides near the shore
It longs for your face
to be seen, touched, smelled and kissed
Before I abjure my soul
to rest with earth

And when I am gone
don’t wait for me
don’t miss my face
don’t remember my name
all remained of me is in...
the sherbets in your smile
the roses of your hair
the grass that touches your feet
and the crinkles around your neck

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