Thursday, April 19, 2012

A way out of corporeal

 entering Sanjay van from Aruna Asaf Ali Marg

 forest canopy as seen from a little knoll o mine

 here its ample food for everybody 

 some nice welcome jungle flowers

 and the garbage

 this I believe to be of Nilgai

 there are lot of cemeteries towards the north

 curious and flabbergasted

 now into the light

 even the sewage water charms you here

Qutub Minar 


  1. Seems you got lucky with the unknown path. Lovely picture ops on the trail.

    1. Thank You. I did get lucky mate. never seen such rich ecosystem in Delhi. :-)

  2. Delhi is full of beautiful spots. My friends live near Green Park and she says you can spot deers there. Lovely collection here...

  3. oh. thanx so very much saru. Well Delhi is a little jungle full of animals. some are called wild while others call selves social. Its the latter much more treacherous:-)